Sunday, April 19, 2009


It has been two months apart from my last post. I was just idling away my time and unable to rivet on crafts making. Between times, I went to Singapore to meet up a few good friends and go to Malacca for attending a girl friend's wedding ceremony! It was a great time to talk about old days!

Phew! I made a card eventually! It was in process about two months to complete, as mentioned, I was unable to focus and no idea on paper positioning, colour matching, stamp image selecting (as I've no much stamps in my collection...*sob*) and image colouring. Anyway, I'm quite satisfied with the result of my card, though there is many progressive space compare to those masters. I'll keep up with my skill.

終於,今天完成了這張卡...呼!半成品從二月拖到今天才正式把它給完成,一直沒有概念要怎麼排方位;用什麼圖案(擁有的印章太少了 T_T)和該怎麼上色的問題等等等...困擾!不過,我還挺滿意的這樣的結果,當然和高手們還有很多的進步空間...我會繼續加油的!扛八爹唷!