Saturday, March 29, 2008

My First Matchbox

I just discovered that matchbox can be so fancy!!
This is my first attempt on making matchbox! I'm recycling the self-raising flour box into a matchbox, thus no embellishment on the cover. I believe those printed confectionaries are good enough to bring out its originality.

There is some imperfections on my first workout due to inaccurate measurement. I've overlooked the thickness of the cardboard, hence the bottom is lightly tight to pull out.

Improvement needed! :p


Thursday, March 27, 2008

Kawaii Birthday Present

Phew! My first entry first blog created on my birthday!
No idea how long does this blog last as am really lazy in updating!
Basically this blog gonna be about my craft blog! I like crafts, but blunt in creativity!
Another reason for create this blog is for swapping members can browse and contact the participants' blog for interesting swaps. I saw lot of participants having good time and swap good stuffs. I hope I can have my first swap in near future!
Well...well...looking forward for the swap!!

The pictures shown the little present given by my little niece. One buck of Ringgit Malaysia with a small note written in Chinese. It's all her own idea, isn't it kawaii!!

Hand written felicitations "Happy Birthday" in Chinese.

Contents in of envelope - tiny greetings note & 1 buck

she likes to draw.... :)