Friday, December 25, 2009

Last Minutes Cards

Merry Christmas, friends!

Hope each of you have a wonderful and blessed Christmas.

These three cards were made in last minutes, really a last minutes card as two of them are made on the eve and the last one completed this morning.


The first card I made - Snowman card. Image and background patterned paper are downloaded from Cuddly Buddly Craft and Paper Craft Inspirations respectively. I decorated the snowflakes by glitter glue to make it bling, however it doesn't reveal the sparkling effect in the picture. I like this chubby snowman, he is so lovely!

最先完成了這張雪人卡。圖像和襯紙也是跟先前小綿羊卡同樣由Cuddly Buddly Craft以及Paper Card Inspirations下載的。我很喜歡這個可愛的胖雪人,很可惜照片裡顯示不出雪花運用了金蔥膠閃閃的效果。

I love this second card, it is mother bird and little birdie from Cocoa Studio Digital Stamp at My Grafico. Isn't it a very warm graphic? Again, used of Paper Craft Inspirations' free background paper as a frame for the card and stamped the Merry Christmas sentiments from Paper Craft Inspirations issue 67's free clear stamp to complete the card.

第二張卡是一對母鳥和小鳥的溫馨卡,圖像屬Cocoa Studio Digital Stamps。框框是由Paper Card Inspirations免費下載的襯紙裁剪出來,最後蓋上銀色Merry Christmas的字體是Paper Card Inspiration第67期的免費透明印章。

Christmas Tree Cupcake is the last card for this Christmas which was made this morning. I can't remember where I got the candy cane background paper but the polka dots background paper was downloaded from Paper Craft Inspirations and the Christmas Tree Cupcake image was a freebie from My Grafico.

這張杯子蛋糕是今早剛完成的卡片,棒棒糖的襯紙忘了是從那裡下載的;不過圓點襯紙還是採用了Paper Craft Inspirations免費下載圖。杯子蛋糕的圖也從My Grafico免費下載的。
Last but not least,
may the Christmas season fill your home with joy, your heart with love and may the coming year fill your life with laughter and happiness!


warmest wishes

Friday, December 18, 2009

Sheepy Christmas

Happy New Year to Muslim readers! Today is Awal Muharram holiday in Malaysia, how is everyone's holiday?

This month, we're having 3 continuous long weekends, weekend in conjunction with Friday, which are Awal Muharram, Christmas Day and New year. Yippee! I love December, always!!

Christmas is around the corner; however I've no mood for crafting. Besides a little busy on job, the main reason is I'm too lazy and addicted on facebook. heehee...

A few free digi images were downloaded and printed in past few days and still no movement. Finally, I did a little colouring last night. And, do the final touch up based on Card Positioning Systems' weekly sketch (CPS146) for my first Christmas card today.



幾天前,在幾個網站下載免費圖像;打印出來後一直沒有進一步的動作。終於在昨晚開始了一小部分的上色。今天繼續前進並以Card Positioning Systems最近一期的卡片設計草圖(CPS146)完成了……第一張聖誕卡片!呵呵~

This pair of adorable sheeps was free digi from Cuddly Buddly Craft, and the snowflakes background paper is from Paper Craft Inspiration Issue 67, it is available to download at their official website either. I appreciated there are plenty of free sources online for download for people like me without much stamps to make cards.

這對可愛的小綿羊是由Cuddly Buddly Craft 免費下載下來的,卡片紅色背景雪花襯紙也是由第67期的Paper Craft Inspiration雜誌的官網下載打印出來。非常感恩有這些免費下載的資源,至少在沒有印章和襯紙的情況下還能夠DIY卡片。

Here is another gift tag I have done, image also downloaded from Cuddly Buddly Craft. I trimmed the little birdy out (cut off its tiny feet and tail) and then glued it on the circle tag. Stamped "NOEL" (anyone discovers the "E" is inversion? heehee...) at the edge and match a "JOY" inside the tag. It is simple, right? This gift tag is made to enclose to a little present for a friend.

還有一張小標籤卡,圖像也是來自Cuddly Buddly Craft。我把鳥兒裁了出來(取去了牠瘦小的腳和尾巴)然後黏貼在圓形標籤卡上;隨後在邊緣蓋上"NOEL",卡的內頁則以"JOY"來配合。就這樣完成了一張簡單的小標籤並用來點綴即將送出去給朋友的小禮物。

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Day Twelve - The Final Day

Evening folks! Trust you have a great Saturday!

Well, I am a little laid-back today as this will be the last present to open. Thus, I did my weekly household cleaning ahead and only then unwrapped the final TWO presents for the Day 12. I am very thankful that my partner prepared all these little pressie attentively according to my profile and it is fun and enjoyable to unwrap the packaging everyday!

Day 12 - Art Felts and Colored Pencils
Initially, I thought it is a towel when hold the packaging. But it was not, they're colourful art felts and I love all the colour and the texture also a little different from what I bought here. My mind begins to think how to make use of these lovely felts in my next projects.

Next, the coloured pencils. I haven't tried on it but I believe it is good as the cover printed "preferred by Teachers"...hahaha...Anyway, I will definitely use them for my card making in future.

Below is the "group" photo of the 12 days. :)

Time for bed now! see ya & sweet dreams!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Day 10 & 11

Happy Friday, everyone. Yeah~it's weekend again!!

I was out and return home late yesterday, thus, 2 pressie for today's posting. :)

I always wanted to have nice cotton print fabrics into my collection 'cos it's so difficult to get from the place I reside.'s present really bright me up like its colours!

Day 10 - Pre-Cut Cotton Fabric
Present for Day 11 came with a dozen, this item also a craft tool that I would like to add into my purchase list. Do not be shocked by the quantity, they are slim and tiny. LOL

Day 11 - 12 Pieces Brush Set
Oh my, tomorrow will be the last pressie! My partner is generously prepared 2 on 12th day. So, stay with me for the surprise!


Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Day 9

I am truly excited and enjoy to open these little presents everyday and today's present also verrrrry lovely! Love it!

Day 9 - Collectible Puzzle Erasers
I've an idea to convert these cute erasers to magnet to decorate my refrigerator...yay!

And, I've finished my Day 2 Reindeer ornament! It is cute, isn't it?
Well, I left only 3 presents to open for following three days, how I wish I have more till Christmas day! :)

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Day 8 of December Morning

Good morning, friends. How's the weather at your side? Here...rain daily, it's monsoon season now.

Apart from my daily routine while arriving office, washing my cup and checking both office and personal emails. Today, I made a little change - unwrap my Day 8 present because I grabbed the little present and put it into my handbag before heading to workplace.

Day 8 - Studio G Pigment Inkpads
I love inkpads and the more the better...LOL

Thanks so much to my partner who has read my profile accordingly.


Monday, December 07, 2009

Day 7

Good evening, everyone. I hope all of you have a good Monday!

The 7th Day present is yellow wired ribbon. Never used wired ribbon before, would appreciate if you leave a comment for its technique.

Day 7 - Decorating Wired Ribbon
I'm working on Day 2 present - Reindeer stitchery ornament. Perhaps it done by tomorrow. So, stay with me for the finishing and day 8 present.



Sunday, December 06, 2009

Day 4 to Day 6

Good afternoon, everybody!

Once again, present #4 and #5 were opened together on Day 5...hee...I'm forgetful! *shy*

Here's the piccie

Day 4 - Studio G Alphabets Clear Stamp
Day 5 - Self-Stick Notes
Oh my! I love these little notes so much, it's sooooo cute! hmm...should I use them in office or at home? In fact, I'm reluctant to use 'em!

Today, Day 6...the tiny present had just opened few minutes ago...let's see a pair of lovely ladybird in the photo.

Day 6 - Iron-on RhinestudsI hope everyone has a great weekend and see you tomorrow with Present #7!

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Day 1, 2 and 3

Happy December, everyone!

Well, I have forgotten to open my 1st present due to hectic workload. Therefore, unwrapped two presents in day 2. Hooray~~

Day 1 - Santa sticker sheet
Day 2 - Reindeer stitchery ornament
And, today...
Day 3 - Royal blue pigment ink pad

Saturday, November 28, 2009

12 Days of Christmas

Couple months ago, I signed up to participate in this marvelous swap - 12 Days of Christmas. I understand this gonna cost me a lot on postage especially posting parcel to overseas, but I've no regret and it would be my first ever 12 days of Christmas! How wonderful to unwrap the little present daily from the first day of December!

Parcel to my partner in USA was arrived early and my partner opened all presents at once on the day it arrived on October 24th, 2009.
Whereas, my partner sent out her parcel to me on October 16th, and I got a message from her on November 8th, telling that the parcel she sent was returned to her door step due to a small error in the address, and she promised to be sent out the parcel again the next day. I was a little worry as this may delay of delivery. However, it wasn't! The parcel reached me today, November 28th, 2 days before December!! yay!!!!

Count the day to December from now on!!!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Cute Dress Card

It has been more than a month from my last update. Well, I'm totally lazy without reason.

Today - 090909...what a special date! Thought of doing a small update, I purposely make this cute dress card. It's a free template from Stampington, print, cut and covered it with patterned paper and embellished to complete.呼~一個多月的時間沒有更新了!除了懶還是懶。

今天是一個很特別的日子 ~ 090909,所以心想著要來點小更新。因此,著手弄了這張/件可愛的娃娃裙。一張非常簡易的卡片,裙子的型版是從Stampington網站免費下載。裁出型版襯上小花紙以及小裝飾點綴就完成了。

Sunday, July 19, 2009

It's a boy

June...always rumbling! Apart from lot of June brides, there are a lot of new life coming! Having 4 of my friends "upgraded" to parents, such a broody season! haa...

Initially, I was intent to do a card to my girlfriend, whose gave birth a baby girl. But with no reason, I've made "it's a boy" card instead! Perhaps I like blue colours, do not say that I am old fashion. heehee...As for baby girl card, didn't know when will I begin to make, the little girl is full month soon.



Monday, July 13, 2009


The card I posted yesterday had actually arrived and my friend had forgotten to tell me. heehee...

Alright, this card is to convey my regards to her registration of marriage and appreciation of our friendship as she plays an important role in my craft making journey. She helps me to stash some of the tools & supplies and even share her knowledge in card making & felt sewing.

Thank you my friend and wishing you happy ever after!




Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Simple Card

I've kept this post 3 weeks ago as I wanted to have a surprise for my friend. Well, it seems the card has lost its way to reach the destination. Can you believe it takes more than 3 weeks to post a card within Malaysia, this is ridiculous and what's wrong with our postal service??!!!

I've been experiencing lot and lot this type of problem, okay...fine...forget about it! I rather don't demolish everyone's mood.

Here it goes the pictures of my "lost" card...heehee
In this card, I used Martha Steward Heart punch on corrugated paper in different direction and overlapped on colour cardstock as we as the Leaf punch from Carla, I scraped the vein by using back of the craft knife. Lastly, I embellished with ric rac and stamped sentiment for the final touch up.

The inner is simple, I stamped the "congratulation" in between the bracket.

This is handmade envelope for the card...





對了,卡片的封套也是我自己做的...(臭屁ing...) :Þ

PS: I'll update this blog if the addressee received this card.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Elephants ATC

Herewith, my recent creation again. Love elephant, especially cute & chubby elephant like Disney animated cartoon Dumbo with two huge ears! Signed up immediately whilst seeing this swap at swap-bot.

My initial idea on the blue elephant was plain, just blue. Then, I found it's dull and I begun doodling swirls on it, however, the ball is really piece of flaw on this ATC. I hate it! Nevertheless, I love its ear, as I said, I like big ears like Dumbo! I stamped tiny flowers image with silver ink and cut a heart shape and glued it. Simple yet lovely, right? heehee...

2nd ATC, big ears again! Feminine elephant decorated with a flower gem and I filled the tusk with liquid pearl (it doesn't look clear in this picture). I applied the wide-spreading joke "elephant scared of mice" on this ATC, thus, I drew the little mice with long tail connected to each other as frame on the edge.



第二張ATC是一張非常女性化並帶上小花的粉色象,它的象牙則填上乳白色liquid pearl(照片拍的不明顯)。最後,我運用遠古流傳“大象怕老鼠”的笑話而劃上長長尾巴的小老鼠來點綴ATC的框框。

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Inchie again...

My 2nd batch inchie for swap-bot! Woohoo...I was gradually hooked on inchie, it's so challenging to work on this tiny craft!

This is free theme inchie and my partner likes cupcake & cat, thus I take these two to make 2 inchies. Then, doddle the elephant and paisley and I like them most. Which one is your fave, eh? Besides, I also recycled card board to make a mini holder to fit these inchies and tied with ribbon.


這次也是自由主題,而我的交換夥伴喜歡杯子蛋糕和貓,所以我就以這兩個為主題做了兩張;其他兩張則自由發揮也是我的最愛 - 大象以及渦紋圖案!你比較喜歡那一張呢?


Sunday, June 14, 2009

WOJ Women's Delight Candy

Whiff of Joy Stamps will be releasing the fabulous Women's Delight today, 14th June 2009! These stamps are exquisite, please pop over to WOJ store to have a look or place your order.

In addition, Katharina is holding a blog candy for this new released stamps and the candy will be drawn on 15th June 2009.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Felt Owl Magnet

Aren't these felt owl magnet cutie? I'm totally fell in love with them! Reluctant to send to my partner.

I drew the owl template and cut into felt pieces and sew, simple yet cute!

This is mini owl, just 1.3 inch. I'm thinking to make more, not magnet, perhaps fill up with fiber.