Sunday, September 18, 2011

Little Fabric Owl

Hey...hey...I was silent for quite some time and now, back again!

It has been long time without handiwork since my last update, and sometimes, having strong feeling to create some pieces when seeing some others blogs. However, have no motive force to do so. Ideas or concepts are always fleeting from mind.

Let's share what I have done. Again, it's a tiny handiwork as mentioned in the subject - Little Fabric Owl. Honestly, I love miniature decos, I loved this little owl when I saw its tutorial at the first sight. A trip to Taiwan last year, I bought one from a granny (her hand works) at a tourist spot.
不說了,來分享我做的東西吧。這次還是個小作品,如題 ─ 小貓頭鷹。說真的,我非常喜歡小小的擺飾,初此看到這貓頭鷹的教程就讓我愛上它了,只不過沒有去動手做。之後到台灣旅遊時,看到一位婆婆做的更讓我情不自經擁有了一只最小了(有點小貴,所以買最小的,哈!)。

Few weeks ago, I went to a local draper and found this printed little mushroom Japanese cotton. And today, I had my own creation - Little Fabric Owl! But my methods are slightly different from the linked tutorial.
今天,我終於動手做了。幾個星期前到布店買布,看到了這款印有小蘑菇的日本棉布(注意...又是小的),就買了做枕頭套(不是我做喔)。不斷的交代要把剩布留給我,目的就是要做我愛的 小 貓 頭 鷹!做法和連接裡的教程有些許不一樣。
Isn't it adorable? I like it so much and would like to do more~