Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas Around The World

Participated "Christmas Around The World" handmade card at swap-bot. And been assigned for 3 partners from Australia, US and Canada. I made these cards mostly from craft punches than stamping as I just begun my stamping journey and having very limited stamps collection at the moment.

在swap-bot裡參加了一個叫"Christmas Around The World"的聖誕卡交換。卡片必須是自己親手做,材料沒有侷限。由於我的印章非常有限,所以我的卡片都是以造型打洞器來製作。我被派定3位交換搭檔;分別來自澳洲、美國和加拿大。
First card sent to my Australian partner. I made this card from reindeer, snowflake and angel punches with Ranger Crystal Stickles.

我的第一張成品給了澳洲的搭檔,因為澳洲和馬來西亞一樣都沒有白色聖誕...所以以這張塗上Ranger Crystal Stickles的麋鹿、雪花和天使的卡片就送給她。
2nd card was for US partner, this is my favourite card among the 3 designs. I love white and blue combination. Taking this opportunity to try on shaker card as I've seen the tutorial before. I'm very happy with the outcome and I also applied the glossy accent that I just bought on the snowmen. Christmas ribbon was received from my previous swap from swap-bot as well.

第二張我送給了美國的搭檔,這張卡片是三張裡我最滿意的一張。之前曾看過類似的教程但卻沒有紀錄下來,憑感覺做出我心理期待的聖誕。而且還用上了我剛買的glossy accent!聖誕緞帶是我之前在swap-bot裡交換得來的。

Last card definitely for my Canadian partner. I must confess that this card was make in a hurry. I make a pair of winter glove for her as Ontario is cold in winter. However, the winter glove look alike pair of boxing glove instead!blush


Saturday, November 29, 2008

Another purchases

Can't believe it! I have made another online purchases after my first trial few days ago. I'm really hooked into online shopping!

Local scrapbook supplies - SNC having thursday thrill promotion on their clear stamps. All stamps priced RM20 and above will be entitled for 20% discount. I was absolutely attracted by this 1 day promotion and I'll be entitled for another 30% discount for 1 item from my order list. This 30% discount only available for first timer and not on promotional items, of course.

Thanks god SNC did not have lot of selection on the clear stamps, I'm choosing only 1 clear stamp from Autumn Leave Amy Grendell-Spring set. In addition, I've added 1 each of Ranger Crystal Stickles, Ranger White Opal Liquid Pearl, Ranger Glossy Accent Mini, Inkssentials Embossing Pen and ZIG 2-way Glue Pen (Fine Tip). Selected Inkssentials Embossing Pen to enjoy the 30% discount because it's the most expensive item in my order list besides the clear stamp.


多虧SNC沒有太多透明印章的選擇,只選了一套Autumn Leave Amy Grendell的春天系列印章。除外,我還加了Ranger stickles(水晶)、Ranger liquid pearl(乳白)、Ranger glossy accent (小)、Inkssentials Embossing Pen和一只ZIG 2-way glue Pen (尖細)。當中除了透明印章價位最高以外,再來就是Inkssentials Embossing Pen了;所以我一定選最貴的貨品來享用唯一一次的30%折扣優惠。


Friday, November 28, 2008

Friday again...

Days of the Week expression

Well! it's Friday again, approching to the end of November too! A friend forwarded this lovely animated picture to express the emotion of every worker in a week. It's cute and appropriate, ain't you agree? ^+++^

Take this opportunity to learn days of the week in Chinese. Have a great weekend!
    Monday         星期一   xing qi yi
    Tuesday        星期二   xing qi er
    Wednesday   星期三   xing qi san
    Thursday      星期四   xing qi si
    Friday          星期五   xing qi wu
    Saturday      星期六   xing qi liu
    Sunday        星期日   xing qi ri

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Flowers and Bird/Owl ATC - Sent

These ATCs trading are organized for members of Malaysian Chinese Forum - Cari Forum. I'm happy to have this group of people in the same region to share our crafts and ideas and the group is expanding day by day to have more members now.

1st round was Flower theme which only 7 members participated as all of us are new to ATC and the 2nd round-Bird/Owl theme had just completed lately and we've another 2 members to join in, total 9 members.

In the 1st round flower theme, I've made 2 series in total of 12 ATCs and each partner will be received 2 ATCs. 1st creation was the waterlily filled with pastel colour dust and I wasn't happy with the result. Thus, I've been scratching my head for another idea. The 2nd creation split up into 2 layouts, each layout 3 copies and I was very happy for the outcome. I believe all my partners will love it, too!




For the 2nd round, it was really tough and stress as more ATCs to be made, some of the members even good in scrapbooking & stamping. Unfortunately, it's wrong timing for this round as I've tight schedule to be achieved in my work. I was busy like crazy to meet the deadline both on my work and ATC making. Eventually, all ATCs were done in just a week before the posting deadline. oh! it's really hastily...


Saturday, November 22, 2008

Online Purchase

I begun my online purchase finally! I've been observing for card making tools long ago but never placed any order before due to the price, forex, high postage and custom issues. However, I found a local online shop - Crafty Heart from Ciyou's blog and the prices are pretty reasonable and affordable.

Thus, I placed my order for an acrylic block (3"x3"x3/8") and 2 mini clear stamps. I was very happy with their service and the owner, Debbie was generously added a little pack of mini brads and flatbacks as freebie for me. All transactions done within 3 days! It's an easy and smooth experience for my first online shopping and I believe it will be a bottomless pit for my future online orders.

終於...我開始網上購物了。一直都有在網路上物色手工類的工具,都礙於價位、兌換率、郵費和海關的問題都不敢下單。這次在ciyou的格裡看到她在Crafty Heart買的東西價格還滿合理的,同時又在馬來西亞,何不試一下呢!訂了一個3"x3"x3/8"的壓克力印章握把和兩個小透明印章,店長Debbie的服務很好呢,動作非常快而且還非常大方的加送一小袋的兩腳釘和造型釦喔!整個購買過程不超過三天就結束了,有了一次非常好的網路購物經驗,這樣也開啟了我往日在網路上購物之路,將會是個無底洞啊!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Black & Pink Handmade

This is my new product for swap-bot Black & Pink Handmade. As my partner is a cat lover, thus I decided to sew this lovely cat for her. The cat itself in black felt with grayish patches and a pink cushion to warm her up!

At the outset, I was lost in sewing the backing as I do not have much sewing experience except cross stitch. I figured out myself and the finished piece was not that bad though! *grin*



Friday, November 07, 2008


Well, I can't believe it, I actually created a blog somehow! And I understand I'll not post regularly due to my laziness. 3 posts since the blog has been created in March and nearly forget the login ID and password. Besides, racking my brains to seek a suitable title for my blog address too. I hope "cosycabin" is the final and no change anymore, sick of it!