Monday, January 31, 2011

Valentine Card

Happy new year! Oh boy, this is a super belated new year greet!! XD

And, Chinese New Year is just around the corner! Two more days to Chinese New Year - Year of Rabbit. Suppose everyone has done the spring cleaning, putting on all CNY decos, cakes & cookies making and now is busying with the reunion dinner preparation!

I had a new year resolution this year, which is at least to produce one craft item in any kind. It could be felt sewing, cross stitching, card making, paper quilling or maybe something new and so forth. Hence, I came out with this very first item for this month (and this year!!) - a Valentine card. Pair of quilled hearts with stamped sentiment, inner page stamped with XOXO, simple and easy!



我在今年暗自許下願望,希望每個月至少有一樣作品完成。無論是不織布、十字繡、卡片製作、衍紙或其他手工製作等等。所以,在一月的最後天交上了今年的第一張卡片 - 情人節卡。一對衍紙愛心蓋上簡單的寄語,內頁蓋上了XOXO就完成了,極為簡單。