Thursday, March 31, 2011


...from a friend...
朋友俏來的...一份驚喜!According to her, this isn't a surprise to me as she confirms my mailing address before she sent the parcel. It reaches me a day before my birthday, this really amaze me!
她說...她把原來的驚喜扭轉了,原因是 ─ 在郵寄前向我確認了我的地址。我還是非常雀躍,當這份禮物呈現在我眼前,而且郵差叔叔還非常用心的在我生日前一天送到我家!

Ta-dah!! goodies behind the package - a handmade card and handmade fabric box. :)
郵寄包裝背後的驚喜 ─ 手作生日卡和時下盛行的手作布盒。Close up for the card design...
卡片及布盒近拍……Further, let's see what have been filled in the fabric box - four pieces patterned linen!
接著,看看布盒里藏了些什麼 ─ 四塊漂亮的亞麻布!This fabric box is perfect! Spongy top covered with linen fabric throughout the box and embellished with pretty lace at the edge; inner was covered with polka dot fabric.

My honour to own these pressie and thank you so much to you - Samantha!