Monday, June 29, 2009

Elephants ATC

Herewith, my recent creation again. Love elephant, especially cute & chubby elephant like Disney animated cartoon Dumbo with two huge ears! Signed up immediately whilst seeing this swap at swap-bot.

My initial idea on the blue elephant was plain, just blue. Then, I found it's dull and I begun doodling swirls on it, however, the ball is really piece of flaw on this ATC. I hate it! Nevertheless, I love its ear, as I said, I like big ears like Dumbo! I stamped tiny flowers image with silver ink and cut a heart shape and glued it. Simple yet lovely, right? heehee...

2nd ATC, big ears again! Feminine elephant decorated with a flower gem and I filled the tusk with liquid pearl (it doesn't look clear in this picture). I applied the wide-spreading joke "elephant scared of mice" on this ATC, thus, I drew the little mice with long tail connected to each other as frame on the edge.



第二張ATC是一張非常女性化並帶上小花的粉色象,它的象牙則填上乳白色liquid pearl(照片拍的不明顯)。最後,我運用遠古流傳“大象怕老鼠”的笑話而劃上長長尾巴的小老鼠來點綴ATC的框框。

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Inchie again...

My 2nd batch inchie for swap-bot! Woohoo...I was gradually hooked on inchie, it's so challenging to work on this tiny craft!

This is free theme inchie and my partner likes cupcake & cat, thus I take these two to make 2 inchies. Then, doddle the elephant and paisley and I like them most. Which one is your fave, eh? Besides, I also recycled card board to make a mini holder to fit these inchies and tied with ribbon.


這次也是自由主題,而我的交換夥伴喜歡杯子蛋糕和貓,所以我就以這兩個為主題做了兩張;其他兩張則自由發揮也是我的最愛 - 大象以及渦紋圖案!你比較喜歡那一張呢?


Sunday, June 14, 2009

WOJ Women's Delight Candy

Whiff of Joy Stamps will be releasing the fabulous Women's Delight today, 14th June 2009! These stamps are exquisite, please pop over to WOJ store to have a look or place your order.

In addition, Katharina is holding a blog candy for this new released stamps and the candy will be drawn on 15th June 2009.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Felt Owl Magnet

Aren't these felt owl magnet cutie? I'm totally fell in love with them! Reluctant to send to my partner.

I drew the owl template and cut into felt pieces and sew, simple yet cute!

This is mini owl, just 1.3 inch. I'm thinking to make more, not magnet, perhaps fill up with fiber.




Thursday, June 04, 2009

Thank friend

This surprise reaches my mailbox while I was out of town. Thank you so much, my friend - Jiexi, sending such a lovely card to get rid of my low-spirited mood! She claimed that this card was made in the early day when she begun her making card. It's my honor to have it!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Hi everyone, these are the inchie that I mentioned in my previous post.

Again, this is my first attempt, just an inch craft piece! It's so difficult to trim it exactly an inch without trimmer, I think I need to put trimmer in my top and first "must-buy"wishlist. hee...hee...

I'm lucky to have a kind partner, she loved my finished work. Myself not gratifying with the result, obviously there are still a few defeats, such as smear of gel pen, charaters embossing were not striking...etc


又是第一次嘗試這只有一英吋大的inchie!真的很難裁的準確,我真的需要一台切割刀。呵呵~~多虧我的交換夥伴很仁慈,對我的成品讚不絕口!真的很意外...因為就連我自己對這樣的結果不是太滿意。因為有幾個很明顯的瑕疵,如:gel pen的顏色化開、字體凸燙糊掉...等等等