Sunday, July 19, 2009

It's a boy

June...always rumbling! Apart from lot of June brides, there are a lot of new life coming! Having 4 of my friends "upgraded" to parents, such a broody season! haa...

Initially, I was intent to do a card to my girlfriend, whose gave birth a baby girl. But with no reason, I've made "it's a boy" card instead! Perhaps I like blue colours, do not say that I am old fashion. heehee...As for baby girl card, didn't know when will I begin to make, the little girl is full month soon.



Monday, July 13, 2009


The card I posted yesterday had actually arrived and my friend had forgotten to tell me. heehee...

Alright, this card is to convey my regards to her registration of marriage and appreciation of our friendship as she plays an important role in my craft making journey. She helps me to stash some of the tools & supplies and even share her knowledge in card making & felt sewing.

Thank you my friend and wishing you happy ever after!




Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Simple Card

I've kept this post 3 weeks ago as I wanted to have a surprise for my friend. Well, it seems the card has lost its way to reach the destination. Can you believe it takes more than 3 weeks to post a card within Malaysia, this is ridiculous and what's wrong with our postal service??!!!

I've been experiencing lot and lot this type of problem, okay...fine...forget about it! I rather don't demolish everyone's mood.

Here it goes the pictures of my "lost" card...heehee
In this card, I used Martha Steward Heart punch on corrugated paper in different direction and overlapped on colour cardstock as we as the Leaf punch from Carla, I scraped the vein by using back of the craft knife. Lastly, I embellished with ric rac and stamped sentiment for the final touch up.

The inner is simple, I stamped the "congratulation" in between the bracket.

This is handmade envelope for the card...





對了,卡片的封套也是我自己做的...(臭屁ing...) :Þ

PS: I'll update this blog if the addressee received this card.