Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Felties

Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell Rock
Jingle Bells chimes in Jingle Bell time
Dancing and prancing in Jingle Bell Square
In the frosty air...

It's about end of the Christmas in the East, and begins in the West!
I would like to take this opportunity to wish all friends a Merry Christmas!!
May the beauty of the season fill your heart with joy!
乘此時祝福每位到來的朋友們 - 聖誕快樂!!

This Christmas, no cards but 2 felties were made - Rudolph and Christmas Tree. 
今年沒有做聖誕卡,不過做了兩個不織布小物 - 聖誕麋鹿以及聖誕樹。
The Rudolph was made in early December and it was hand drew by myself according to a pattern I saw from esty.com.
月初瀏覽esty.com網站是看到了這可愛的麋鹿便依樣畫葫蘆的畫樣板並完成了第一個小物 ~ 麋鹿
For the tree, I adapted the template from Squawkfox and made my own design. It was completed on the day before Christmas Eve. It takes quite some time for me to finish just a single line of knotted pearl stitch as this is my first attempt, but I'm totally enjoy the process. I used machine to sew the sides and add red & golden glass beads alternately. Then stuff the polyester to fill the tree and applied blanket stitch to close the circle base. Lastly, glue a star shaped bead over the tip of the tree. Besides, I stitched "2012" on the circle base as a mark.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Miss you, my friend

Hi all, follow up to my previous post, this round about ATC from all participants.

Oh well, I love all their creative ATCs, they all did a great job! Let's see the group photo of all ATCs.

Herewith, the individual portrait of each ATC. :)

Sequence from top left to bottom right: Geam, Cleo, Pinecone, Tha, mosaic, NightRose, Ying

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Quilled ATC

Hi, it has been over 2 months for my last update. Chinese Cari Forum's thread has been abandoned since last ATC swap in 2008. After a short chat in FB lately, we decided to come back for the swap.

The swap kicks-start someday in April, theme set as "Miss you, my friend" and deadline on June 15. During the period, I visited a lots of blog to seek for inspiration, besides, tight workflow also a cause. I was so panic whilst seeing some of the paticipants have completed their ATC.

As time draw near, I decided to use quilling for this project. Search and trial on several tutorials and then I opted for Malaysian Flower. Then began colour matching, paper trimming and layout arrangement; at last, after a few stay up late, 8 pieces ATC are completed!

Sincerely hope my partner will like the ATC I did!

就這樣在四月的某天啟動了這項活動,ATC主題亦很快的定為“Miss you, my friend”,6月15日為截止日期。在寬容的時間裡,不斷地在瀏覽他人的部落格尋求靈感還是抓不到如何做這樣的主題,外加工作緊湊;接著又看到我的拍檔們逐漸完成了他們的ATC,我真的急壞了。

隨著時間的逼近,決定以捲紙來完成我的ATC。上網搜了各種捲紙花的教程並著手試玩了幾次就鎖定以捲Malaysian Flower為主。開始了選色、切紙和排列的安排;熬了幾夜總於完成了8張ATC,耶!

衷心希望我的ATC主人們會喜歡這匆忙中完成的Artist Trading Card!

Monday, April 09, 2012

Quilled Easter Egg

Hi, good evening all!
Easter Monday almost gone and this quilled Easter Egg just freshly done few minutes ago! It was started on Good Friday (of course, google for tutorial beforehand) and finally, completed in today! phew~

First attempt to do quilling in 3D. It's a little tough at the beginning and I was no idea for the layout. Thus, I follow my inclinations as the paper stripes quilled.
All right, wishing you have a Happy Easter holiday and good night!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Some Birdy Love You

Well, love never ends although Valentine's day is over.
It's never too late to express your feeling, any days can be somebody's Valentine's day. And then - speak it out - I LOVE YOU!
表達自己的感覺永不太晚,每一天都可以是任何人的情人節。所以呢,大聲釋懷地說出 ─ 我 愛 你!

Monday, February 06, 2012

Be Mine

Happy New Year, all! Wishing all of you a Peaceful, Healthy and Happiness Year 2012!

Today is last day of Chinese New Year celebration, also considered as Chinese Valentine's day! I would like to wish all Chinese reader a Prosperous Year of Dragon! Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!

And now, to show my first card for 2012 - a Valentine's card~BE MINE! 

今天是元宵節亦是中國情人節 !我借2010年的第一張卡 — 愛心情人節卡向大家送上我的祝福 !恭喜發財以及元宵快樂!