Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dottie's World Party Time

Dottie's World is celebrating their 1-year-old blogoversary and re-launch their blog in new look. Pop over to their lovely blog for more information and images about the fabulous prizes. Everyone is invited to participate this celebration!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Fortune Cat Mini Whimsy Jar

Hey everybody, a quick post for my felt fortune cat mini whimsy jar. Initially hesitated to post this as dissatisfied with the outcome. The body of the fortune cat looks alike pear-shaped. LOL

This is my 2nd felt cat/kitten, the first one was a kitten softie; it was adopted by my swap-bot partner in Thailand last year, I missed her so much!! :P

2nd piece - Fortune cat on her way to USA. I hope my partner will like my work and the filled mini jar.

ps: my partner received my package and she loves it so much! I'm so happy that she likes my craft. :) yeah...(29/05/2009)
朋友們,今天簡短的po這個已完成好幾天的作品 - 招財貓迷你創意小罐。不斷的在考慮要不要把這個不是很理想的作品放上來分享,總覺得牠有著梨型的體型。哈哈哈...


◎注:我的交換partner收到了,而且還非常的喜歡!能讓對方那麼的開心,心理也喜滋滋的。 (29/05/2009)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Short Update

I am here to have a short update! Well, still...no craft to be updated. Sigh...

May...a hectic month for me. Workload increased, responsibility so. I am rushing to gather and update past several months data before attending the coming training and proceed to migrate trial database to live. It's sickening to stare on the screen more than 8 hours, daily!! yuck!! I'm about to shout "give me a break, please!" LOL

Craft making could be a solution to de-stress, but my brain was blunt after get off work. I am now doing a set of inchie (4 in total) for a beginner swap. I always love beginner swap! Will update/upload picture new post after the inchie done.