Thursday, February 12, 2009

Gift Card Holder - Happy 1st Birthday

Just back from birthday party hours ago, and this gift card holder was made in a hurry for my department head's daughter 1-year-old birthday.

I was inspired by Dawn's idea while browsing her blog yesterday, hence I decided to make my own gift card holder instead of using regular "ang pow" package (red envelope).

I trimmed the edge of A4 pink cardstock to fit the cash size and score lines according to Dawn's tutorial and sealed with double sided tape for the 3 sides. Trim & punch the side and red embossing "Happy Birthday" by Heidi Swapp clear stamp on the inner leaf. Printed "Happy 1st Birthday" cut in scallop shape by pattern scissors on the cover and tie the ribbon to complete.



Matryoshka Doll

My latest finished product! Matryoshka Doll is one of my favorite figurine, but I never own any one before. Thus, I signed up for the Matryoshka Doll swap at Swap-bot.

The coordinator requested to use Maize Hutton pattern, however up to the participant's decoration the 3 nesting dolls. The little girl charm is an extra for my partner. They are now on the way heading to Australia for their new owner. Yeah! I'll have my first Matryoshka Doll soon, too! Can't wait!
這是我最新的手作 - 俄羅斯娃娃!俄羅斯娃娃是我喜歡的娃娃飾品之一,可是一直都沒有收集過。因此,趁機參加了Swap-bot的交換遊戲。

負責人指定要用Maize Hutton的圖版,但參與者可自由裝飾三個互疊的娃娃。除外,我還多做了一個小娃吊飾,這些娃娃正在飛往澳洲去會他們的新主人,希望我的交換夥伴會喜歡喔。

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

CNY cards

Good evening everyone! Trust all of you are well.

How's everyone Chinese New Year celebration? Mine was dull. Other than visited several relatives and colleagues, I was stay at home enjoying the foods & drinks during my 2 days festive holiday. This make me feel idle, don't even bother to turn on my computer, hence neither crafts making nor blog updating.

Back to the topic, I was received 2 Chinese New Year cards this year, not bad huh! Sending greeting cards no longer a trend nowadays, most of my friends will send their greetings through sms or e-cards. Thus, these 2 cards are my precious! One of the card was from a friend in Singapore and other one was from Ciyou. I'm lucky enough to own Ciyou's handmade card without participate her giveaway. Thanks, my friends!嗨,朋友們!元宵節那天你拋柑、猜燈謎了麼?我...沒有!




Lunar Eclipse on 9th February (15th day of Chinese New Year).