Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy 牛 Year 2009!!

Goodbye to Year of the Rat and welcome Year of the Ox 2009! Few more minutes towards the Lunar New Year. Am here wishing every Chinese reader & their family Gong Xi Fa Cai! May the year flow with Ox "strength" of Good Health & Prosperity!!
Niu Year Happiness

Monday, January 05, 2009

New Year Surprise!

In order to attend my nephew's birthday dinner, I was hurried home after an hour overtime . Saw a postal package on my desk when reached home and thought it should be from Samantha for the Sakura gel pen and StazOn cleaner I asked to buy earlier.

Open the package while waiting for my brother. Oh dear! A pretty moon cake box she used of packaging! Then followed by a surprise when I opened the lid, The contents of the box are not only the items I bought but with TWO extras! She added 3 Brilliance Dew Drop inkpads and 4 paper stumps! whoopee~~~

Although she said it's an extra set she bought accidentally, thus giving it to me. I'm still thankful for her generous!! To be honest, I wouldn't be that kind though. Nevertheless, thanks a zillion, Samantha!

因為加班的關係,急急忙忙從辦公室趕回家以便和家人到館子慶祝外甥的生日大餐。抵家後看到桌面上有份包裹,心想應該是ThaTha寄來早前托她買的Sakura Tiara gel pen和StazOn印章清潔液吧。趁著還沒啟程前打開包裝…喔!很漂亮的月餅盒;再打開盒子一看,我…我…受寵若驚了!盒子裡除了我買的東西以外,她還隨手寄上了三個Brilliance水滴亮彩印台以及四根紙筆送我!


Larger image for the contents of the box. (^^)v