Sunday, June 17, 2012

Quilled ATC

Hi, it has been over 2 months for my last update. Chinese Cari Forum's thread has been abandoned since last ATC swap in 2008. After a short chat in FB lately, we decided to come back for the swap.

The swap kicks-start someday in April, theme set as "Miss you, my friend" and deadline on June 15. During the period, I visited a lots of blog to seek for inspiration, besides, tight workflow also a cause. I was so panic whilst seeing some of the paticipants have completed their ATC.

As time draw near, I decided to use quilling for this project. Search and trial on several tutorials and then I opted for Malaysian Flower. Then began colour matching, paper trimming and layout arrangement; at last, after a few stay up late, 8 pieces ATC are completed!

Sincerely hope my partner will like the ATC I did!

就這樣在四月的某天啟動了這項活動,ATC主題亦很快的定為“Miss you, my friend”,6月15日為截止日期。在寬容的時間裡,不斷地在瀏覽他人的部落格尋求靈感還是抓不到如何做這樣的主題,外加工作緊湊;接著又看到我的拍檔們逐漸完成了他們的ATC,我真的急壞了。

隨著時間的逼近,決定以捲紙來完成我的ATC。上網搜了各種捲紙花的教程並著手試玩了幾次就鎖定以捲Malaysian Flower為主。開始了選色、切紙和排列的安排;熬了幾夜總於完成了8張ATC,耶!

衷心希望我的ATC主人們會喜歡這匆忙中完成的Artist Trading Card!


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大家的作品太棒了!(っ◕‿◕)っ ♥

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