Sunday, December 07, 2008

Flowers and Bird/Owl ATC - Rec'd

Received all these lovely ATCs quite a while before I posted my sent ATC. The reason I didn't post them out is because I'm still waiting for another partner's ATC. Such a coincidence that I did not receive her ATC for both trading. What's wrong?!

Fortunately, she's agreed to replace 2 ATCs later after the organizer consults her. Thus, I decided to show the ATCs on hand first.


通過論壇樓主 - 夜玫瑰的協助和聯絡,"心靈小品"同意會在遲些時候補寄給我。所以現在就先分享我目前手上美美的ATC。

Flower ATC / 花
top left to right: NiteRose (extra from her - a ribbon, flower & brad), Chun
(上排左至右: 夜玫瑰 (額外附送緞帶、小花和兩腳釘),淳純)
bottom left to right: Gianni, Payyeek, Ciyou
(下排左至右: 輕盈,payyeek,Ciyou)

Bird or Owl ATC / 鳥兒或貓頭鷹top left to right: Ciyou (extra from her - strawberry stickers), Payyeek, Gianni
(上排左至右: Ciyou (額外附送草莓貼紙),Payyeek,輕盈)
Centre: NiteRose (中間: 夜玫瑰)
bottom left to right: Ying, Chun , Samantha
(下排左至右: Ying,淳純,Samantha)

Which one you like more? I like them all!!

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